Tipples & Treats

Looking for specialty foods or drinks, or something I’ve mentioned here? These are some of my favorite sites for getting ahold of tasty but uncommon or special products. (I have no affiliation with these vendors, but I can vouch for all of them as a satisfied customer.)

Whisky and Whiskey

http://www.royalmilewhiskies.com/ — Edinburgh’s best whisky shop. Their online store sells everything available in the shop, too, with the added bonus of taking out VAT if you live outside the EU. Their sales staff are really knowledgeable and provide excellent service. RMW is also responsible for the annual Whisky Fringe.

http://www.parkaveliquor.com/ — One of the finest liquor stores in New York City. A bit claustrophobic to visit, but the wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling array of hundreds of different whiskies and other spirits more than makes up for any squeezing.

http://www.astorwines.com/ — They claim to be the largest wine and spirits shop in New York City, and I won’t argue. Visiting their store or website is like a trip to Candyland. They frequently host tastings and classes if you’re interested in learning about an unfamiliar category of booze.

French Food Products

http://www.simplygourmand.com/ — Perhaps not as comprehensive as larger sites but the only site I’ve found selling Ebly without exorbitant shipping rates. If you live around NYC, they’ll let you pick up your order in person (Inwood, Manhattan) to avoid shipping charges. Well-priced and excellent customer service, including great butcher recommendations.

Indian Food Products

http://www.patelbrothersusa.com/newsite/ — If you get the chance, you should definitely visit their epic Jackson Heights supermarket in person, but for those outside NYC, this is your one-stop website for Indian stuff. Just try to find cheaper bulk spices, I dare you.

Eastern European Food Products

http://www.parrotcoffee.com/ — Their store is located in Astoria, Queens but the website appears to have almost everything for sale online. I get lots of spices from them, like hot and sweet paprika, sumac, and saffron, bulk nuts, and dried fruits, as well as pickles, olive oil, and other jarred and tinned things.

Scottish Food Products

https://www.scottishgourmetusa.com/ — A treasure trove of haggis, black pudding, smoked salmon, back bacon, oatcakes, cheeses and more, lovingly catered by a friendly Scot and spouse. Shipping rates are extremely reasonable for perishables and if you live within driving distance of North Jersey, they’ll even let you pick up your order!


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