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Want more goodies? Check out my articles for the Village VoiceCigar Aficionado and Market Watch.

And here’s a round up of whisky and food blogs I enjoy (and you might too).

Boozed & Infused — If you’ve ever dreamed of a liqueur that doesn’t seem to exist on store shelves, turn to this delicious blog for recipes and inspiration to DIY.

Canadian Whisky — My go-to source for (duh) all things Canadian whisky.

Chocolate & Zucchini — Parisian market cooking and unfrenchly friendliness.

The Coopered Tot — Serious whisky geekery with a bent toward old American whiskey.

Four Pounds Flour — History you wish you’d learned in school.

It’s Just the Booze Dancing — Beer and spirits fans in the Philadelphia area should bookmark this page. These guys blog booze and boozey events with low-key charm.

The Mid-Century Menu — Cooking the way our moms and grandmas did—with Jell-O.

Miss Whisky — A leading lady in whisky writing on the UK side of things.

Whisky Lassie — The voice of the #whiskyfabric with a no-nonsense approach.

The Whisky Woman — Whisky news, notes and more from the producer of Brenne, a beautiful single malt from the Cognac region of France.


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